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Our Story

So many things today are highly designed, eco-friendly, technologically advanced products. We wanted to get out of the way and let Nature handle the engineering and design for Honest Dock.

We have taken the material our earth has given us and turned it into a new home for your fancy gadgetry.


Genuine Character

With Nature at the helm, we couldn't ask for a better source for personality for an Honest Dock. Size, shape, color, and feel are all welcomed unique aesthetics for each dock.

Each Dock we produce is guaranteed to be as unique as Nature itself.


The Approach

When we first thought about creating Honest Dock we wanted to create something that was truly unique. A one of a kind.

To aid this approach, each dock is carved out by hand. We want to ensure that the wood will dictate any bump, groove, and bend to keep its character.

No paint, lacquer, or finish is put onto our docks. Just simple, honest wood.


Authentically Unique

The wood we are using for each Honest Dock was collected from various neighborhoods affected by the 2010 flood of Nashville. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a mantra we have taken to heart.

Each dock created will have the unique signature of our own Mother Nature. There is no way to get a more unique product that to step out of her way.